About SF Mixology

We’ve spent the last few years watching cocktails rapidly evolve and seeing our friends and colleagues

open up to the resurgent cocktail movement. We’re now entering a new paradigm in how we drink (and think about drinking), and SFM is dedicated to helping it grow. Until now, there’s been a missing piece connecting how cocktails are perceived, events are executed, and how bartending is learned. SFM is dedicated to defining innovative events and executing them in awesome new ways.

Our Staff

Shawn Refoua has personally instructed over 2,000 people in the art of bartending, and has trained a bartender in almost every bar in San Francisco. A student of behavioral psychology, his understanding of the working dynamics of alcohol and groups allows him to understand bartending methodology and to convey that same methodology to novices and experts alike. The creative force behind SF Mixology, Shawn is at the forefront of cocktail experimentation and education.

Shawn Refoua~

Cocktail adventurer and events guru Christina Kinney has worked in all aspects of the events and service industry. From intimate settings to major concert spaces, she has deep knowledge of all aspects of events marketing, production, design, and management. Christina has a graduate degree from Stanford University and nine years of experience in corporate finance and marketing, as well as time in the trenches behind bars across San Francisco. She loves making order from chaos.

Christina Kinney~

Jahaziel Garay is one of the top bartenders working in San Francisco today. With 15 years of culinary and bar experience, Jahaziel is not only deeply rooted in the local hospitality scene, he also has a refined palate and expertise in the service industry that spans both food and drink, and both Northern and Southern California. He is an owner of Barrel Aged Restaurant and Cocktail Lounge in Martinez,California, and can mix some of the best cocktails this side of the Mississippi.

Jahaziel Garay~

Luke Shifflette has over a decade of experience in operations, staff, revenue, and management. His career in the restaurant and bar industry started in 2000 in Washington State, and over the last 10 years, Luke has worked as a bartender and manager in some of The City's busiest restaurants and nightclubs, including Slide, Gary Danko, Ruby Skye, Infusion Lounge, Bruno's, and Redford, to name a few. From opening new locations to creating cocktail menus, from managing inventory to staffing and implementation of policies and procedures, Luke is an seasoned expert on the ins and outs of bar management.

Luke Shifflette~