: Learn & Build Bar tending skills | San Jose Bay Area Bar Tending Courses SF-MIXOLOGY

Learn the Skills

Learn the basics of bartending! Master the art of shaking and stirring, taste what a balanced cocktail should be, and brush up on the skills you need for some serious fun!

Make the Drinks

We can recreate the thrill and intensity of being behind a real bar (with time constraints and mixology challenges), all while maintaining high standards of outstanding customer service. Newfound skills and knowledge gained through the fun of bartending can also transfer back to the personal and professional world.

Build the Team

We know you work hard and SF Mixology is committed to helping create high caliber learning combined with an experience where everyone can have the most fun possible. Your team will love making cocktails, and each participant will go home with unique new skills, expanded friendships, and more than a favorite new cocktail – they'll never look at alcohol the same way again!

Cocktail Competition program

Go head to head using the skills and knowledge you get in our mixology events! Teams create, innovate, and present competition-level cocktails, with prizes for the winners. You've never seen your team work together like this!

Additional Info

  • Customizable
  • Sit down Lunch and Dinners 
  • Amazing Theatrical Presentation


Note about TAX:

The host bar/restaraunt will collect sales tax from clients directly. In some cases, tax will be collected by SF Mixology who will act as an intermediary between client and venue. Ultimately, venues will be responsible for remitting the full amount back to the state. 


Past Clients